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Steering Column

The steering column was removed last year when the steering box was pulled for restoration   The pictures below were from that timeframe.  Like most everything else in the interior, the column had been sprayed black.  


As removed from car... Here's the column as it was removed from the car.  Obviously, it was painted black in place.  Note the area where the instrument panel bracket goes.  I completely disassembled the column for cleaning and paint stripping.  The turn signal/horn switch assembly and wiring harness was cleaned of dirt and black overspray and set aside for later reassembly. 

Paint in progress Paint was removed using #0 steel wool and lacquer thinner.  Some surface pitting was evident on the engine compartment end of the tube.  This was fixed by sanding and using glazing putty.  The turn signal switch housing was soaked in lacquer thinner and then scrubbed to remove all paint.  New parchment paint was applied and a new steering shaft bearing installed. 

Completed and ready to install And here's the completed column all assembled (except for the plastic wiring connector) and ready to install back in the car.  During this latest restoration, the column was again removed where I discovered paint damage from a leaking master cylinder.  The column was stripped and repainted from the wiring harness down before reinstallation.  I also fixed the master cylinder (I hope).  See the "Dash" section for pictures of the column installed in the new dash.


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