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Kick Panel Restoration

When I bought the car, it still had it's original parchment colored kick panels.  However, they had been sprayed black and black carpet installed.  Time and abuse had taken their toll - the panels were cracked in several places and deemed beyond restoration.

Reproduction kick panels, kick panel carpet and insulation, and kick panel screws were obtained from NPD.  The stainless steel trim pieces from the original panels was reused.  Background of this page is the 1966 red (maroon) carpet.  Below is a photo description of the restoration process.  Click on the thumbnail pictures to enlarge.

Old panel with carpet removed Old panel removed.  Ford originally installed plastic panels that were molded in color, not painted.  This was an original panel that had been painted black and had a black carpet installed.  Securing screws were missing.  Note the original parchment color showing where the carpet had been peeled off.


part_numbers_2.jpg (65679 bytes) Backside of panel.  Note the Ford part numbers and the original parchment color.  Also note the black overspray.  Holes were for the securing tabs on the stainless steel bright trim.



new_panel_drilled_3.jpg (32418 bytes) New coupe/fastback reproduction panel.  Like Ford orginals, this one is also  plastic, and is molded in color.  The five holes through the raised midsection were drilled to accept the bright trim securing tabs. 



new_carpet_4.jpg (58014 bytes) Below the panels are the pieces that added to a standard panel, make a deluxe kick panel.  The carpet comes with the color-keyed vinyl sewn in.  The bright trim is from the original panel.



gluing_5.jpg (44023 bytes)        gluing_6.jpg (59828 bytes)        gluing_7.jpg (51716 bytes)        gluing_8.jpg (45828 bytes) 

Above photos show a panel in various stages of assembly.  The carpet is glued to the plastic panel and wooden dowels were used to press the vinyl edging against the formed lips of the plastic panel.  Other photos show the carpet edges held in place by clamps while the glue is drying.  Note the insulation installed in the third photo.  Screw holes were marked using the old panel as a template, and drilled before the carpet was fastened.  Gluing the carpet is not an easy task and takes several sessions to do while the glue sets.


installed_9.jpg (38702 bytes) Panel assembled and installed in the car using two washer head sheet metal screws.



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