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Mustang Data and Documentation

According to the info presented below, the car was scheduled to be built at the Metuchen NJ plant on January 20, 1966.  Six days after that scheduled date, it rolled off the assembly line.

The vehicle identification number (VIN) for this car is located in four readily available locations/sources; three locations on the car, and typed in the original owners manual.

On the vehicle, we have...

the body buck tag - bucktag.jpg (58005 bytes)       the door tag - door_tag.jpg (51584 bytes)  and the stamping on top of the left front inner fender apron vin.jpg (49470 bytes).

Another location for VIN number is the original owner's manual  om_cover.jpg (45223 bytes)  inside  front cover om_inside.jpg (52259 bytes), and the build sheet, if available Build_sheet.jpg (64887 bytes) Along with the owners manual, I also have the envelope that the manual, warranty card, and other vehicle paperwork came in. envelope.jpg (50091 bytes)

Here are some additional identifying numbers for my car:

carb_ID.jpg (52073 bytes)Stamped on the front left flange is an abbreviated identification for the carb.  Since my car was missing the carb tag, this number becomes meaningful.  It identifies the correct 4-bbl 4100 Autolite carb for a 1966 manual transmission A-code 289.


engine_no.jpg (59390 bytes)Click on the picture to enlarge and look at the stamped number.  It reads 6A10H, which stands for 1966, January (A), 10th day of the month, and inspector's ID.  Some say this date code represents the date the engine block was machined while other say it's when the engine was assembled.  No matter, it fits the date sequence for this car which was scheduled for assembly on January 20, 1966, and actually assembled on January 26, 1966 


Finally, and for the fun of it, I made up what I think the window sticker for my car should have looked like.  I'm not sure how Ford identified the car with the pony interior - as a separate option, or a body style that has the option cost rolled into the base price of the car.  Lacking any information to prove one way over the other, I choose the former.  If anyone can tell me for sure how it's supposed to read, I'd appreciate hearing from you.  Drop me an email -

WSTICKER.jpg (40302 bytes)

This car was expensive for it's day!

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